Hurgling-Irelands passion game

Football is one of the most admired games the world over It is almost played in every part of the world, save the few countries that have not seen civilization of the day. What you might be pleasantly surprised to know (and many people too think they know while they don’t) is tat a good percentage of all people in the world don’t know how to play football despite the sport being under public domain. That seems implausible right? Well, thankfully, this article seeks to explore the broader subject of how to play football with great ease. Whilst opinion might be divided on how to best play football, there are general rules that are observed in the game, which if you acquaint yourself with them, will help you become an accomplished football player.

If you play as a defender, your role is to ensure that the other team’s offense does not result in a goal. You are therefore, expected to do all you can within your football skills to ensure the opponents do not cross to your side to score. That means you will be expected to clear the ball at all times from your side. To efficiently do that, you might consider learning a few tackling skills. Re,ember, a wrong tackle especially near your goal can result in a penalty. That calls for vigilance and carefulness whenever you are tackling your opponent.

Sometimes, you know what you are supposed to do by first learning what you are not supposed to do. When playing football, you are not supposed to tackle your opponent’s legs but the ball. Should you tackle them without your feet touching the ball first, you commit a foul. In some circumstances the referee might warn you by issuing you a yellow card and in extreme circumstances, a red card.

At all times make sure you play as a team. You are supposed to win as a team and therefore collective effort is necessary. Be sure to offer maximum cooperation to your team mates so as to ensure you score and win. Whenever you have the ball, don;t waste a lot of time with it; pass it to your team mate who has a good chance to move and perhaps score. Ensure you don’t commit punishable fouls that might result in your dismissal as that might undermine the spirit of teamwork. You are therefore expected to play safely and behave decently and morally when playing.

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